moddern ASC Case Studies


ASC Marketing for the Pros

Proliance Surgeons, one of the largest ASC groups in the United States, needed help to grow their spine practice.  This meant creating a new brand and marketing message to unite the 27 independently operating facilities in and around the Seattle area.  The campaign introduced the new brand we created and celebrated the benefits of specific practice area expertise in orthopedics and spine.

Through the campaign we were able to accomplish the following:

  • Introduce the Spine Institute as a new brand offering of Proliance Surgeons.
  • Increase brand awareness around their spine expertise all across the state.
  • Demonstrated key benefits of the practice, including lower costs.
  • Differentiated from other hospitals and ASCs in the area.

Online:  website, landing pages, display advertising / Offline:  print, radio (multiple campaign waves)


Building a Case to Physicians

Coflex Interlaminar Stabilization is a small device used in the treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis. As with many medical devices, the marketing challenges include building a case to physicians as well as to prospective patients. When Coflex needed resources to align their internal stakeholders to educate and motivate practicing physicians, we built a robust app.

The must-haves for the app included:

  • Coordinating all internal resources in one elegant interface
  • Sales support for reps
  • Procedural documentation for surgeons
  • Facility onboarding and payer resources
  • Real-time calendar of society meetings, training sessions, webinars and more

Online:  app development, asset management interface, iOS/Android must-do’s


Demonstrating Superiority

HDM Plus and HDM Boost are two product offerings from Ni-Q, a company that supplies human-donated breast milk for at-risk infants.  We were faced with the challenge of telling a complex story to a highly sophisticated audience:  neonatal care professionals.  In order to tell the whole story in a short amount of time, moddern developed an animated explainer video.

The video explained:

  • The need for human-donated breast milk in the NICU
  • The differences that safety and testing mean for patients
  • The health benefits, including the caloric content
  • The benefits of ready-to-use and shelf stability

Online:  video scripting, casting, animation, digital delivery